Past Customers

Takeover Sound (TS), of Boston, MA, was established in 2003 with 3 official members but quickly grew to a group of 8 after some friends that always came to support and help, eventually joined the team. 

You may be wondering why they are called Takeover Sound. They chose this name based on their past experiences. They would go to parties together just for the pleasure of enjoying themselves. When they arrived, there would be occasions where the event was lacking equipment, music, people, etc.  After this was noticed, TS offered to DJ to get the party moving. As soon as the turntables were touched, the magic happened, and the crowd would start rocking to the beat of the music and in the end they took over the party.  It was at that point, they realized they should be called Takeover Sound. Once the mentality of taking over was embedded within them, they incorporated that in everything. Their goal is to be the best DJ team around and give their customers the best service possible. They set high expectations because that is what the customer deserves.

Takeover Sound has entertained several events with their services. They have done birthday parties, weddings, boat cruises, community events, high school events, shows, college parties, frat/soror parties, and many more. Takeover Sound events have been a great success in which all of their customers have returned for more.


Takeover Sound